Family gatherings consist of the women talking about their health issues, whilst proceeding to read coffee fortunes where they repeat the same generic things. You’re either going to a wedding, you’re going overseas or you have a enemy of some sort thats out to get you.
You know family members who haven’t spoken to each other in a decade over something super minor.
come on mate! Let it go.
You tell your parents you’ve found a partner, and not that its already a mega bonus that they’re TURKISH… they also want to know what part of Turkey they’re from.
You eat bread with everything .
No matter how old you are , if you’re the youngest in the family , you will always be treated as the youngest. (And yes, that includes still sitting at the kids table at all events)
As a child when your mum would make some sort of Hamur Isi would use he excess Hamur to make ball or random shapes. If you were lucky , mum would throw it in the oven for you.
Your family pet understands Turkish. “GEL LAN BURAYA!”
8.You pull your earlobe, make a kissing sound with your lips and touch wood to ward off evil.

You know twins that have names that rhyme … or they both have the same first letter to their name.
You take your parents our for dinner to eat something other than Turkish food , and they spend the whole time complaining and talking about how much better Turkish food is compared to this very small portioned half cooked dish.